The Star Trek merchMAKER, which officially launched on November 7 in the U.K., offers next-generation personalization of apparel and accessories using a simple five-step process. The Star Trek merchMAKER will, for the first time, allow fans to be in complete control. After entering the merchMAKER, fans choose their Star Trek image category, which then opens them up to a large artwork library. Fans can then select their favorite image, followed by an iconic Star Trek quote that can be personalized with their name.

The merchMAKER has also taken the fun one step further by allowing fans to become part of Starfleet for the first time. Fans who pick the Starfleet category within the merchMAKER can choose their favorite Star Trek ship, expertise and rank and personalize it using their name.

Enter the merchMAKER now to get in on the action.

Also, to celebrate the launch,  Star Trek merchMAKER is holding a competition. Three lucky fans in the U.K. will win a £50 E-gift card to spend creating personalized merchandise. Just answer one basic Star Trek question when prompted, and you’ll be entered into the competition. The competition officially opened on November 7 and will continue until midnight on November 13, 2014. Visit the Competition Site to participate.

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