Anyone who wants his or her favorite Star Trek toys and favorite Star Trek game together in one cool package needs look no further than Mattel’s Star Trek Ultimate Fan Pack. Out now – and available only at Costco – the Ultimate Fan Pack includes six great Hot Wheels reproductions of familiar Star Trek ships as well as the popular Scene It Star Trek DVD Game.

The Scene It Star Trek DVD Game digs deep into the Star Trek universe, challenging fans to engage each other in a multimedia battle of wits and interactive gaming. There are puzzles, trivia questions and clips from all six Star Trek series – yes, the animated Trek is here, too -- and the first 10 Trek features. The Ultimate Fan Pack’s real find, though, is the set of six Hot Wheels Star Trek models, three of which have never been seen before. Fans get the following: A battle-damaged USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A (from The Undiscovered Country), the original USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (from TOS), a Klingon Bird of Prey (the HMS Bounty from The Voyage Home), the USS Saratoga NCC-1867 (also from The Voyage Home), a USS Enterprise NX-01 (from Enterprise) and the Romulan mining ship Narada (from Star Trek (2009)). The Romulan Narada, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 and the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A have never before been available at retail.

To purchase the Star Trek Ultimate Fan Pack – which sells for the suggested retail price of $80.00 -- visit your local Costco.