Loot Crate fans will be in for a Trek treat in March. The premier geek and gamer mystery box will feature "Versus" as its theme next month, and a Star Trek: The Original Series wearable item will be among the box's top-tier item.

Previous Loot Crates have included such Star Trek collectibles as a Loot Crate-exclusive color variant of the Quantum Mechanix plush Tribble in their "Galactic"-themed crate. Since March's theme will be all about big battles and conflicts, in which heroes step up and villains are taken down, what could the Loot Crate item be? Kirk vs. Gorn? Spock vs. Mirror Spock? Bones vs. everybody? Fans won't know the answer until they open their Loot Crate when it arrives.

It's not too late to get in on the action. Loot Crate is offering StarTrek.com readers a discount for signing up in time for the March crate. Go to lootcrate.com/startrek and, at checkout, enter the code STARTREK in order to save $3 on your first crate.

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