The upcoming comedy Ted 2 has turned into a mini-Star Trek reunion, and the common denominator is, of course, Seth MacFarlane. The film's writer-producer-director is a lifelong Star Trek fan who has appeared on Star Trek—he played Rivers in the Enterprise episodes "The Forgotten" and "Affliction"—and has tapped a variety of Trek actors to participate in several of his projects, including Family Guy, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story and American Dad!

So what are the Trek connections in Ted 2? Patrick Stewart narrates the film. Michael Dorn and Nana Visitor both play roles. And also in the film is veteran character actor and three-time Trek guest star Ron Canada. The actor, who plays a judge in Ted 2, was Martin Benback in TNG's "The Masterpiece Society," Ch'Pok in the Deep Space Nine hour "Rules of Engagement" and Fesek in "Juggernaut," an installment of Voyager.
Ted 2 will open nationwide on June 26.
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