Is there anything Idris Elba can't do? The 43-year-old Brit is an actor, DJ, producer, voiceover artist and singer who will soon be seen as Krall in Star Trek Beyond. He currently voices Shere Khan in The Jungle Book and also has on the way the films Bastille Day, Finding Dory and The Dark Tower. And, to help support Bastille Day, he's teamed up with Norman Cook, better known as Fatboy Slim, to record a new song called "The Road Less Traveled," which will be heard in the thriller.

The fun thing is that the Elba-Cook pairing has a couple of, well, fascinating, Trek connections. Elba and Cook, who'd become friendly after running into each other at concerts over the years, previously collaborated on a remix of "Uptown Funk," by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars. Leonard Nimoy's stepson, Aaron Bay Schuck, is the Elektra/Atlantic Records exec who brought Mars to the label, and Schuck's father is John Schuck, who played the Klingon Ambassador in Star Trek IV and VI, and Doctor Antaak in two episodes of Enterprise. Nimoy later played an amusing distorted version of himself in Mars' video for "The Lazy Song."

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