Walter Koenig recently spoke to Parade Magazine for an interview that ran last week, and, among other things, he shared an amusing anecdote about how he got word that he'd landed his breakthrough role as Pavel Chekov on Star Trek: The Original Series.

According to the story, Koenig did his audition and then waited around two hours before he learned about the producers' decision. Now, two hours doesn't sound particularly long. In fact, it's unusual for an actor to receive such news the same day. But the more fascinating part of the anecdote was this:  One of the show's costumers came up to Koenig and escorted him to the wardrobe department. Koenig recounted to Parade that "(The costumer said), 'I have to measure you for a costume, don’t I?’ And that’s how I found out that I became a member of the Star Trek (cast).”

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