Kirk and Sisko join forces. And the characters from the current movie timeline trek into re-imagined stories from Star Trek: The Original Series, and new stories, too. Those are among the exciting happenings in Star Trek #39 and Star Trek: New Adventures, Vol. 1, the latest Star Trek comic books from IDW Publishing, both available on Wednesday.


Star Trek #39 is the penultimate chapter of "The Q Gambit," and in it Kirk and Sisko team up to battle the Dominon. Meanwhile, Spock races the clock to pry the Enterprise and her crew from the clutches of Dukat. And our old friend Q is up to no good. Star Trek #39 is written by Mike Johnson, overseen by Roberto Orci, and features art and a cover by Tony Shasteen. It runs 32 pages and costs $3.99.

Star Trek: New Adventures, Vol. 1 gathers together 12 issues of previously released Star Trek comics featuring the current films' cast. Their adventures take place between the events of Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness, as Kirk, Spock, etc. feature in brand-new stories and re-imagined versions of TOS episodes. Mike Johnson wrote all the stories in Vol. 1, which features art by Stephen Molnar, Joe Phillips, Joe Corroney and Claudia Balboni, and a cover by Tim Bradstreet. Overseen by Roberto Orci, Vol. 1 runs 300 pages and costs $29.99.

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