John de Lancie Talks TNG Season 7 & "All Good Things..."

John de Lancie Talks TNG Season 7 & "All Good Things..."

All Good Things… must come to an end, and Star Trek: The Next Generation’s journey into high-definition concluded on December 2 with the release of the Star Trek: the Next Generation – Season Seven Blu-ray and the Star Trek: The Next Generation – All Good Things Blu-ray. The seven season collections and the various feature-length presentations of popular two-part TNG episodes wowed viewers with their remarkable clarity, new documentaries, deleted scenes, gag reels, commentaries and more. Only a relative handful of people associated with The Next Generation could say they were there at the start and at the finish, and one of them was John de Lancie. As the pesky Q, he appeared in the pilot, several times over the ensuing seasons and once last time in "All Good Things…" spoke with the actor the other day – about TNG, the Blu-ray technology and his current projects – and here’s what he had to say.

If we told you 20 years ago that Star Trek would still be a part of your life, so far as conventions and promoting Blu-rays, would you have believed it or not? After all, even then conventions were happening and Star Trek was coming out in the latest high-tech iteration of its day…

De Lancie:Star TrekTNG

The upgrades done for the Blu-rays are remarkable. Did you feel it was like watching the shows for the first time? And, enhancements aside, how well do the episodes hold up?

De Lancie:

Did you feel that way at the time? We ask because Generations was in production at the same time as “All Good Things…,” and there was a sense at the studio and on the set that the finale was written very quickly and worked, but by the skin of its teeth…

De Lancie:Generations

Back when you got the call to do “All Good Things…,” were you at all surprised or was it only logical to you in the sense that Q was there in “Encounter at Farpoint” and it was wise to close the circle with him returning for the finale?

De Lancie:

Q taught Jean-Luc Picard a few things over the years. What would you like to think Q learned from his encounters with Picard and the Enterprise crew?

De Lancie:

What are you working on these days?

De Lancie:The Mentalist Mind Puppets

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