Star Trek fans who caught Manu Intiraymi's panel at Star Trek Las Vegas earlier this month know that the actor -- who played Icheb on Star Trek: Voyager -- has been deeply involved with an upcoming sci-fi film titled 5th Passenger. The indie production, which was initially funded via Kickstarter and finished with matching funds from investors, features an array of popular Star Trek figures, including Tim Russ, Marina Sirtis, Armin Shimerman and Hana Hatae, as well as Intiraymi and also sci-fi veteran Doug Jones.

"Basically, I put all my friends in it, and it's awesome that the fans have been backing their favorite sci-fi, fantasy and superhero actors," Intiraymi told before his panel. "We're making great product with their support, and 5th Passenger is a really well-made space thriller. It's about a crew of five aboard a first-class escape pod that's lost in space. They only have enough air and water for four to live for a number of days -- and time is running out. We wrapped production in February and we just released our first official teaser online (in July), and I'm really excited about this film. This is the next evolution of more amazing stuff to come. People are going to love it."

5th Passenger
is still in post-production and its release date is pending, but updates on the film’s status can be found on their Facebook page, And you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram as well @5thPassenger. And to follow Intiraymi on Twitter, go to @manuintiraymi.


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