INTERVIEW: Trek's K'Ehleyr & More, Suzie Plakson, Part 2

INTERVIEW: Trek's K'Ehleyr & More, Suzie Plakson, Part 2

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Did you know when you did the first episode, “The Emissary,” that you’d be back for “Reunion”?


Up next was your role as the Female Q in Voyager’s “The Q and the Grey.” Audition or invite?


The hair and the costume were certainly memorable…

PLAKSON:The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Be honest, when Enterprise came on the air, did you think, “Let’s see if I can land a role on this show, too”?

PLAKSON:Cease Fire

Fans are always interesting in hearing about current projects. So, what are you working on these days?

PLAKSON:The Right Brain Game The Return of King

Do you have any shows or movies or music in the works?

PLAKSON: Some music is beginning to come together. I’ve got to find a guitarist who can help me out. There is another How I Met Your Mother (episode) on the way. I’ll be back playing the mad Judy Eriksen, which I love to do. I haven’t heard anything further from them about doing more. It’s the last season, so I hope I get to come back one more time.

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