As if we needed more proof that Star Trek is closer to science-fact than science-fiction these days, scientists at MIT have developed an alternative to the hypodermic needle. Called the Lorentz-force actuator, it’s a new drug-injection system that uses a near-supersonic jet stream to deliver medication in a pain-free fashion. Can you say… hypospray?

The Lorentz-force actuator features a powerful, minute magnet surrounded by a coil of wire that's connected to a piston within a drug-filled vial (or ampoule). A current is applied, prompting the magnet to eject the capsule at very high pressure, which in turn pierces the skin. The patient feels only the equivalent of a mosquito bite. has previously reported on other, similar products. What makes this device different is that it’s the first of its kind that can be adjusted to properly and precisely control delivery pressures and depths.

For more information, click HERE to check out a MIT video posted on YouTube.

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