Star Trek Online is pleased to announce that our latest Featured Episode is now available to Captains engaged in the Iconian War. Join the House Pegh, as you take on a covert operation to strike at the Iconian forces. Bring the force of the Klingon Empire to bear against the Iconians.

Each week we’ll be rolling out an additional reward for the Featured Episode “House Pegh.” This week’s reward is the Up Close and Personal Ground Trait. In addition, the first completion of “House Pegh” on an account this week gives a Featured Episode Weekly Reward box. The weekly reward box gives your choice of an Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrade or a Captain Specialization Point box, which gives the character it is opened on a Specialization Point. The weekly reward box, tech upgrade, and specialization point box are all Bound to Account, and may be freely traded between your characters. The Specialization Point box requires the opening character to be level 50 or above to use.

Up Close and Personal increases the damage of your ranged weapons the closer you are to your target. This trait gives up to a 10% bonus ranged damage buff when 1.5 meters from your target, with no effect when more than 4.5 meters from the target. Up Close and Personal is usable by all factions.

Next week we’ll reveal week two’s reward for “House Pegh.” Stay tuned.

Jon “Crypticrock” Steady
Systems Designer
Star Trek Online

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