Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are all just around the corner, and you know what that means. Time to beam up some great gifts for the Star Trek fans among the friends and family in your life. Well, we’re here to help you find the best in officially licensed products, many of which you’ve read about here on the pages of in recent months. So here goes:

Klingon Monopoly: One of the world’s most popular board games gets the Star Trek treatment and, more specifically, a Klingon twist. There are Klingon-centric tokens to move and 22 planets to conquer. Don’t speak Klingon? No worries; the game is bilingual. Click HERE to purchase.

Star Trek Mr. Potato Heads: These spuds are no duds. PPW will make you smile – and play, of course – with their TOS-inspired toys. You can snap up Spock, Uhura, Kirk and Kor. Click HERE to purchase.

Star Trek Vault: The Vault, from Abrams, is a whole armada of gifts within a gift, actually. It’s a great book chronicling 40 years of Trek, including all the series and the first 10 features. And then it’s a treasure trove of interactive reproductions of rare and ultra-cool memorabilia that includes a vintage T-shirt, storyboards, blueprints, a movie premiere invite and more. Click HERE to purchase.

Obsessed with Star Trek: Part book, part interactive game and totally worth checking out, Obsessed with Star Trek lets you test your knowledge of all the Trek series as well as the first 10 features. And for those who want to take their obsession to the next level, they can access the interactive portion of Obsessed, a built-in module that allows you to keep track of your score in random or select-a-question mode. Click HERE to purchase.

Hallmark Star Trek Ornaments: There’s no denying it. When you think Christmas and Star Trek, you think Hallmark. And this year, Hallmark is beaming into the holidays with Mr. Spock (sculpted by Anita Marra Rogers), a Romulan Bird of Prey (sculpted by Lynn Norton) and “Mirror, Mirror” (sculpted by Valerie Shanks; gotta love the bearded alternate universe Spock). Click HERE to purchase.

Star Trek Expeditions and Star Trek Fleet Captains: Wiz Kids Games has two new Trek games that’ll make for great stocking stuffers. Expeditions is a cooperative mission game designed by Reiner Knizia, and it enables you to be Kirk, Spock, McCoy or Uhura and contend with problems between the Federation and the planet Nibia. Meanwhile, Fleet Captains was designed by Mike Elliot and it invites players to assemble a fleet of highly detailed miniature Federation and Klingon ships with which to traverse the galaxy as they engage in as many as 70 mission options. Click HERE to purchase Expeditions and HERE to purchase Fleet Captains.

Star Trek Book of Opposites: Hey, we haven’t even previewed this one yet on and here we are talking about it. But it’ll be out for the holidays, so let’s lift the lid. Book of Opposites is a kids’ book, as in little kids (think really young)… and/or a book for adult Trek fans looking for some kitschy throwback fun. For example, one page features Spock looking “calm,” and over on the next page, there's a shot of Kirk acting “surprised.” There’s “young” McCoy and “old” McCoy. You get the idea. Click HERE to purchase.

Star Trek Robes:  We’re not supposed to be biased, but let’s just say that we have a nice, comfy blue Star Trek robe in our closet, courtesy of our friends at Think Geek. And we wear it proudly. Like all the Think Geek robes, ours has a Delta shield on the chest and rank designation on the sleeves. Click HERE to purchase.

Star Trek Salt & Pepper Shakers and Spock Cookie Jar:  Everyone flipped over the the Enterprise Salt and Pepper Shakers when Westland introduced them last year. They’re just so darn cute… and functional, too. And, then, earlier this year, Westland introduced a little sugar to its spice, offering a Spock Cookie Jar. Logically, fans went nuts for them, too. So, if you don’t have one other yet, now’s the time. Click HERE to purchase the Salt & Pepper Shakers and HERE to purchase the Spock Cookie Jar.

Talk Now! Learn Klingon CD-ROM:  EuroTalk’s line of language-teaching CD-ROMs is at 120 and counting, and the newest addition is Learn Klingon. And this is high-end stuff, with noted Trek linguist Marc Okrand and British translator Jonathan Brown involved in its development and U.K. Klingon speakers doing some mighty convincing grunting, er, talking. Click HERE to purchase.

Star Trek Light-Up Feeding System: This is for kids 12 months and older, but we can see lots (and lots) of adults having a blast with this particular item. So here's what you get: a motion-sensitive, light-up bib and a light-up spoon modeled after the Enterprise NCC-1701. Think Geek's ad copy says it best: Boldly go where no pureed peas have gone before! Click HERE to purchase.


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