Online entertainment website Meez – -- is launching a fun and interactive experience for Star Trek fans and the millions of users on the site. Fans can create and dress up their personal avatar with official Star Trek virtual merchandise, shop for Trek-themed clothing collections and accessories, and enter the Meez/Star Trek contest – Starfleet Academy and Klingon -- to win great prizes.

The first collection features Starfleet Academy, where Meez users will be able to shop in the Star Trek shop for the best Starfleet Academy items. Meezers, as they’re called, can shop for a variety of top styles (long-sleeve shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, varsity jackets) and accessories (hats, tattoos, bags, earrings, and watches) to style their Avatar in the best Trek way, as well as for wallpapers and backgrounds.

Newcomers and longtime Meezers alike can style their avatar in Star Trek fashion and interact with other Meezers who are also Trek fans. Keep an eye on both and for details about the Starfleet contest coming soon. Exciting prizes will be awarded to the creative minds that win the contest, so now’s your chance to show your Star Trek style to everyone in the Meez universe.


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