You’ve helped the Federation deal with rogue holograms, mediated between the Klingon Empire of the past and present, and made the brutal ways of the Terran Empire more palatable. Now, move beyond the concerns of a specific faction and onto problems affecting the entire Alpha Quadrant and beyond in Galaxy Events, the newest type of in-game event in Star Trek Timelines.

For those new to Star Trek Timelines, Events play an important role in the game, as they allow players to compete against one another in Missions, winning rewards of various rarity while climbing the leaderboards. The first type of event,  Faction Events, launched earlier this Spring and focused on completing missions to solve a large problem affecting just that faction.

With Galaxy Events, the Star Trek Timelines community will come together like never before, as players work collectively to face major issues spanning the Alpha Quadrant, unlock rewards, and even decide which crew member might come through the Time Portal next. Unlike Faction Events, Galaxy Events focus on solving problems so great that the factions agree to set aside their differences and work together.

You will contribute to these efforts on behalf of the Federation by completing Supply Missions, a new type of mission which tasks you with building supplies and other items critical to your overall goal. All Captains should be familiar with this process, since it resembles the process for building items for your individual crew members. However, one key difference is that Supply Missions require a Specialist — a crew member with a particular skill who can oversee the proper synthesis of these items.

Galaxy Events also introduce another new element to the Events feature in the form of Phases. While the first Phase of a Galaxy Event will see all factions sticking to their promise to work together, the second Phase will see certain factions vying for control of the situation. You will continue to complete Supply Missions in the second phase, but it will be up to you and all other Captains participating in the Event to decide which faction you trust to use these supplies responsibly. The faction which has the most Supply Missions completed on its behalf by the end of the Event will win, and the end of the Event will differ depending on the winning faction.

As usual, completing Supply Missions as part of a Galaxy Event will reward you with Victory Points, which will in turn unlock Threshold Rewards. However, in addition to Threshold Rewards and Rank Rewards, there will now be a unique Community Reward, which will only be unlocked if you and all other Captains work together to complete enough Supply Missions and earn enough Victory Points. Perhaps most exciting of all, at the end of a Galaxy Event, you will receive the opportunity to vote for which character you’d like to see added to Star Trek Timelines in a future update. Your options will differ depending on which faction wins the Event, so allocate supplies wisely.

Are you ready to start the first phase? Stay tuned to the Disruptor Beam blog, on Facebook or Twitter, for more details on timing for the kick-off of Galaxy Events.

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