Floating Pen Sets Ready to Beam Up

Floating Pen Sets Ready to Beam Up

If you've ever wanted to relive some of your favorite scenes from Star Trek: The Original Series, now you can -- and right in your own hand. ThinkGeek has just introduced a pair of Star Trek Floating Pen Sets, two ballpoint pens to a set. One pair features Kirk vs. the Gorn from their fight scene in "Arena," as well as the swashbuckling, shirtless Sulu in action in his famous scene from "The Naked Time." The other pair of pens depicts Tribbles falling onto Kirk (via "The Trouble with Tribbles") and Kirk and Spock fighting, as seen in "Amok Time."


Each pen includes the Star Trek 50th anniversary logo on the opposite side, and each pair of pens comes in a Star Trek 50th anniversary tin. The Star Trek Floating Pen Sets cost $11.99 per set and are in stock now. Go to www.thinkgeek.com to purchase.

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