You and your ship are 75,000 light years from home. What are you going to do? What are you going to need? We're not sure about the former, but QMx has the answer to the latter question: a Star Trek: Voyager-style, screen-accurate metal communicator badge. It features a unique magnetic clasp that allows it to safely adhere to your uniform.

QMx's Voyager communicator badge -- the design of which was also seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine -- was crafted using one of the only remaining sets of original molds, which were painstakingly restored in the company's artisan model shop. The restored molds we were used to precisely replicate the prop's size and shape. Next, to capture the colors and paint details, QMx studied an actual screen-used badge. And once they matched the design of the original, they rendered the replica in gold and silver-finished metal; the on-screen props were made of painted resin.

The QMx Star Trek: Voyager Communicator Badge will be available soon priced at $19.95. Visit to sign up for the waiting list.


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