Another round of purrfection is on the way, as Jenny Parks, the illustrator behind the wildly popular book Star Trek Cats, will be back early next year with Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats – and is pleased to share an exclusive First Look at the cover and an inside image.





A companion to the bestselling Star Trek Cats, Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats brings the many adventures of the TNG crew to life in a faithfully feline homage to the hit series. Expect encounters with the Borg and adventures on the holodeck, with Captain Picard and the rest of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D crew reimagined as lovingly detailed cats. Parks, a respected, Denver-based scientific illustrator and "shameless nerd," specializes in reimagining pop culture characters – including people, animals, dinosaurs and imaginary creatures -- as... cats.

Chronicle Books will release Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats as a 64-page, full-color hardcover book in April 2018. It will cost $14.95.