NECA/WizKids will release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 21 this month, and has the exclusive First Look at the ships in the upcoming expansion packs, continuing with the Robinson.

Discovered on Torga IV while Captain Sisko and members of his landing party were conducting a planetary survey, the derelict Jem’Hadar ship was claimed by the Starfleet officers by right of salvage. After some rather tense negotiations and close calls involving a Dominion rescue team, Sisko and his remaining team members were able to successfully defend their claim to the crashed vessel and returned with it in tow to Federation space where the ship was eventually repaired and studied. Once the Jem’Hadar attack ship was returned to fill functionality, it was christened the “Robinson” and charged with a dangerous mission behind enemy lines. A mission so secret, that not even other Starfleet vessels know the identities of the Robinson’s crew or its task, easily mistaking it for a solitary Dominion attack ship.

The Robinson is converted into a Federation ship by adding one extra Shield and three extra Crew Upgrade slots while losing one Tech and one Weapon Upgrade slot. The Robinson’s special ability is a true gambling man’s dilemma. When defending, you may ignore up to 3 damage inflicted to your ship if you choose to suffer a “Warp Core Breach” critical damage instead. Depending on how lucky you feel, suffering a “Warp Core Breach” might be a small price to pay if you can keep the Robinson around for one more round. As you would expect, Benjamin Sisko is Captain of the Robinson. This time Sisko has a level 8 Captain skill and a special ability that will make your opponents think twice before attacking your ship. Each time your ship suffers 1 or more damage to its Hull, you may roll 1 attack die. A hit or critical hit result damages the attacking ship as normal. If the result is a battle stations, place a Battle Stations Token beside your ship. If you choose to roll this die, place an Auxiliary Power Token beside your ship.

As a repurposed Jem’dar attack ship, the Robinson was able to conduct stealth missions deep in Dominion territory. The Elite Talent Infiltration allows you to conduct your own stealth missions by discarding this card to perform this action. If your ship is within Range 1-2 of at least 1 enemy ship, but is not within Range 1-2 of any friendly ships, your ship cannot attack or be attacked this round. When conducting top secret missions aboard the Robinson, Sisko often relied on his trusted crew members to get the mission done. Miles O’Brien allows you to discard this card to inflict one damage to a target ship’s hull at Range 1-2 if they are not cloaked and have no active shields. A risky maneuver, disabling your own shields to inflict one hull damage on an enemy ship, Miles O’Brien is ready to deliver that extra damage when it is needed most. Jadzia Dax on the other hand helps to ensure the Robison is not hit by adding an Evade Token beside your ship after performing a red maneuver.  

Each crew member on the Robinson brings along something special with them to help ensure the missions overall success. Adding an element of luck to the crew, you can discard Julian Bashir at any time to re-roll any 1 die. Nog brings adaptability to the crew by allowing you to spend a Scan Token as though it were an Evade or a Battle Stations Token. Elim Garak strengthens your captain skill, attack or defense rolls by allowing you to add +2 to your captain skill until the end phase or to discard this card to select up to 3 attack or defense dice and re-roll them. 

With his trusted crew members at his side, Captain Benjamin Sisko is ready to strike at the heart of the Dominion. You can join the crew by adding the Robinson to your fleet or by playing the special scenario included in this expansion pack. Join the Robinson on its latest mission to destroy the Dominion’s main storage facility for ketracel-white. Your success is just the type of thing that could cripple the Dominion and win the war once and for all.
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