The newest issue of Eaglemoss’s Star Trek Starships Collection has a particularly interesting story behind it. It’s the SS Antares, the ship that brings Charlie Evans to the Enterprise in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Charlie X." When the episode was originally produced in 1966 the budget didn’t stretch to another ship, so although the Antares was referred to, it was never actually shown. When it came to releasing TOS on Blu-ray, all the special effects shots had to be upgraded and, at that point, the team took the opportunity to add a shot showing the Antares. Mike Okuda asked the VFX team to base the design on a robotcargo freighter that had appeared in Star Trek: The Animated Series, thus making another part of that show part of official Star Trek history.

The magazine features the usual profile of the ship, an interview with Mike Okuda that includes the drawings he supplied to the TOS Blu-ray VFX team, and also a brief look back at The Animated Series.

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