This October NECA/WizKids will release Star Trek : Attack Wing Wave 19, and has the exclusive First Look at the ships in the upcoming expansion packs, finishing out the Wave 19 previews with the R.I.S Talvath.

The R.I.S Talvath was built to conduct both standard and experimental research. As such, the Talvath is quick and evasive, but not a warship. With a primary weapon value of 1, agility value of 2, hull and shield value of 2, this ship is designed to get in and get out quickly without taking heavy hits. Three tech upgrade slots allow you to load the Talvath up with any research equipment you might need.  The action bar has Evade; Cloak and Sensor Echo actions available to help avoid any interruptions to your research. The ship itself has a special ability that allows the Talvath to potentially add up to 3 evade tokens next to the ship, helping it to survive any hostile encounters.

Conducting a three year mission of “Secret Research” Telek R’Mor is the Captain of the R.I.S Talvath. Telek R’Mor is a skill level 3 Captain that allows your ship to roll one extra defense die if you have a scan token beside your ship while defending. When Telek R’Mor is the Captain, you may also field the “Secret Research” upgrade even though he does not have the elite talent upgrade icon. Secret Research is an Elite Talent Upgrade that adds the Scan Action to your Action Bar. During the Activation Phase you may discard this card to perform a Scan Action as a free action.

Alidar Jarok can also serve as the Captain of the Talvath or he can serve as an Admiral. Either way Alidar Jarok allows the player to target a ship within range 1 and remove 1 token (Evade, Scan, Battle Stations or Target Lock) from beside the targeted ship.

This Romulan science vessel contains numerous tech upgrades developed over years of scientific research. The first upgrade you might want to consider is Warp Core Ejection System. Every ship captain knows a Warp Core Breach is one of the most dangerous things you can face. Using this 4 cost Romulan Tech Upgrade, you can take an action to repair 1 hull damage and flip any “Warp Core Breach” critical damage cards face down. For the rest of the game you cannot take any maneuvers with a speed greater than 1. However, you also cannot receive any more “Warp Core Breach” critical damage cards. If you do, you simply flip it over and treat it as a normal damage. Being able to eliminate the risk of losing your ship to a Warp Core Breach by using Warp Core Ejection System is something every captain will want to have at his finger tips, just in case.

Test Cylinder and Temporal Displacement are two more very powerful upgrades brought to you by recent Romulan technological advances. Test Cylinder allows you to take an action to target a ship at any range and disable this card, plus any crew upgrades on the targeted ship. Taking this action requires you to disable all remaining shields on your ship, but if done at the right time, disabling an opponent’s crew upgrade can be quite devastating. The fact that it can be done from any range gives you a very big tactical advantage over your opponent. Temporal Displacement, yet another of the recent Romulan Technological advances, is the ultimate in Romulan defense. This upgrade allows you to discard this card to cancel ALL of the attacking ship’s hit and critical hit results. That’s right, cancel all hit and critical hit results! The attacking ship cannot make any other attacks during this round, but any cards used in the attack are returned to the state they were in prior to the attack, allowing the attacking ship to use them again in a different round.

Advanced Scanning adds the Scan Action to your ships Action Bar. Whenever you perform the Scan Action you may place 1 additional Scan Token next to your ship at the cost of placing an Auxiliary Token next to your ship as well. Signal Amplifier is a discard that allows you to spend a Scan Token to either add +2 attack dice or +2 defense dice. Paired with Secret Research or Advanced Scanning, Signal Amplifier gives you the flexibility to choose a boost to attack or defense whenever it is needed most. Finally, Graviton Field Generator is an action that allows you to either, disable this card and 2 Active Shields to immediately perform an additional gorward maneuver with a speed equal to the number of shields you disabled with this action, OR if you performed a green maneuver this round, discard this card to place 2 Shield Tokens beside your ship.

With all these technological advances at your command, how can any fleet resist the mighty Romulan Empire? The R.I.S Talvath will easily find a place in any fleet as a powerful support ship and is something you will want to have for all the valuable tech upgrades found within.

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