IDW’s Star Trek: TOS: Burden of Knowledge comic book mini-series continues with Burden of Knowledge #3, arriving in stores on August 18. In the latest adventure, the Enterprise arrives too late to rescue another starship in distress, and all the evidence of guilt for the tragic events points to a fellow Federation member. The situation compels Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and the Enterprise crew to race the clock in an effort to avoid an all-out war with the Tellarites – a Star Trek alien species seen first on TOS (in the episode “Journey to Babel”) and later on Enterprise

Scott and David Tipton wrote Burden of Knowledge #3, with Frederica Manfredi handling the art and Joe Corroney responsible for the coloring. The 32-page title, which will sell for $3.99, sets the stage for the fourth and final Burden of Knowledge tale, which IDW will publish in September.