This one comes straight from the files of “Why didn’t someone think of this before?” ThinkGeek, at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con 2014, will unveil a Star Trek: The Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control, produced by The Wand Company. Fans attending Comic-Con can experience the product first-hand starting on July 23 at the ThinkGeek booth (#3849).

The Phaser was created from meticulous 3D scans of the last-known TOS hero prop and is a fully functional, gesture-based universal remote control that can be used to control many home entertainment systems and other IR-controlled devices. The 1:1-scale Phaser is equipped with 10 authentic phaser firing sounds, a customizable personal lock code, tactile force-feedback, and it can store up to 36 remote commands.

“The Star Trek Phaser is one of the most iconic pieces of sci-fi gadgetry,” Chris Barnado of The Wand Company said in a statement. “We’ve spent thousands of hours creating a collectible prop replica gadget that will bring new levels of action and enjoyment to Star Trek fans as they boldly go on their adventures.”

The Star Trek: The Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control will be available in November, but can be pre-ordered now in the Star Trek Shop

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