One of the challenges in producing models for Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection is working out exactly how a ship changes when there are different versions of the visual effects model. We’re not necessarily talking about major changes, either, but about the kind of details that only serious fans would notice.

Sometimes the ship isn’t meant to look any different, but there have been several different studio models and a CG version, all of which are slightly different. Other times it’s something a little more interesting. Take, for example, the latest movie version of the U.S.S. Enterprise, which is our second special.

In the first movie, Star Trek (2009), you can clearly see that the registry is written on the underside of the engineering hull just behind the deflector dish, but as we were watching Star Trek Into Darkness, we started to think that something had changed. We ended up stepping through the movie frame be frame every time the Enterprise appeared and, guess what? The registry number has gone -- and here’s the proof.

We talked to CBS about it, and agreed that since this is the most recent version of the ship, that’s how the model should look. Of course, now we're braced for all the eagle-eyed people who are going to point out that we left the registry off…

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