Looking for cool, but subtle ways to show off your love of Star Trek? How about Star Trek cufflinks and money holders? Cufflinks.com has introduced an array of inventive new products, including Star Trek 3-D Communicator Cufflinks, which are matte black plated with brass and enamel, and which open to reveal the insides of a communicator. And then there are the Live Long And Prosper Poster Cufflinks, as well as Live Long and Prosper Cufflinks (featuring the Vulcan greeting symbol). And for those humans who still choose to use money, Cufflinks.com also has in stock a variety of money clips, including a Star Trek Delta Shield Money Clip (silver plated and enamel) and a Star Trek Two Tone Delta Shield Money Clip (silver plated and enamel).

Click HERE for the Cufflinks.com site for more information, including pricing and additional Star Trek products.



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