Our only question is, What took so long? Ever since "Yesterday's Enterprise," when Guinan introduced Worf to prune juice in Ten Forward, with the Klingon even deeming it "a warrior's drink," it seemed only a matter of time before some actually produced a licensed Star Trek/Klingon prune juice product. After all, there are official Star Trek beers and wines, right? Well, that day has finally arrived. StarTrek.com is pleased to present an exclusive First Look at Kahless Brand: Warrior Energy Drink, set to arrive in stores worldwide second quarter 2017.

According to Kahless Brand, their Warrior Energy Drink provides "Honor: on the GO!" And it features, as the bottle's label boasts, "pipius claw for vitamins, heart of targ for minerals and prune juice for that get up and GO!!!!"

Keep an eye on StarTrek.com for product release details. And in the meantime, Qapla! 

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