IDW Publishing’s upcoming Star Trek: Khan #1 opens with the Federation stating its case against Khan Noonien Singh, Khan rejecting the court’s authority and then pleading innocent to the charges leveled against him in the aftermath of the events of Star Trek Into Darkness. Khan #1 then flashes back to Khan’s history, from his childhood to his rise to power during the Eugenics Wars, and also examines his reawakening at the hands of Admiral Marcus and Section 31.

Set for release on Wednesday, October 16, Khan #1 will kick off IDW’s five-part miniseries devoted to Trek’s most notorious adversary. It’s been written by Mike Johnson, is overseen by Star Trek Into Darkness co-writer/co-producer Roberto Orci, and features art by Claudia Balboni and a cover by Paul Shipper. Khan #1 will run 32 pages and cost $3.99; fans should also be on the lookout for an Andrew Currie variant cover. 

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