WizKids/NECA will, in March, release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 23 -- and StarTrek.com has the exclusive First Look at the ships in the upcoming expansion packs, concluding with the I.R.W. Jazkal.

The I.R.W. Jazkal is a Romulan Bird-of-Prey. This ship was one of the first Romulan vessels encountered by the Federation when the Enterprise NX-01 entered into a Romulan claimed star system, a system the Romulans had protected with a minefield. The I.R.W. Jazkal gains the Scan Action and 1 Crew Upgrade slot compared to a generic Romulan bird-of-prey. The special ability on the Jazkal allows you to roll +1 defense die against Weapon Upgrade attacks, and cannot be targeted by any Elite Talent Upgrades if you have a scan token beside it. Vrax is the Captain of the I.R.W. Jazkal, and he allows you to deploy the “Reman Bodyguards” Upgrade to your ship at a cost of -2 SP, even if it exceeds your ship’s restrictions.

Reman Bodyguards is an Action that allows you to target a ship at Range 1 by discarding it. When attacking the targeted ship with your primary weapon this round, you gain +1 attack die and force the target ship to roll -1 defense die.
Destabilized Relations is the Elite Talent Upgrade in this pack. When attacking a ship at Range 3, if there is another opposing ship within Range 1-2 of the target ship, the defending ship rolls -2 defense dice against your attack. This Elite Talent Upgrade does not require a disable or a discard, so you can keep using it as long as you meet the cards other conditions. Nijil is the Crew Upgrade and he adds 1 Tech Upgrade slot to your Upgrade Bar. That Upgrade costs -1 SP (min 1) and must be a Romulan Tech Upgrade. Additionally, as an Action you may disable Nijil and one Tech Upgrade to roll +1 defense die. Known for their cloaking technology, Prototype Cloaking Device gives any Romulan Ship the ability to cloak. As an Action, you may disable Prototype Cloaking Device to perform the Cloak Action as a free action, even if you have no Active Shields. As an additional cost, you roll 1 attack die, and on a Battle Stations result, your Hull sustains 1 Damage. While your ship is Cloaked, you may perform the Sensor Echo Action. Finally, Disruptor Banks is a Weapon Upgrade which can be used in two ways. Disruptor Banks may be used as a 3 dice attack at Range 1-3 using the Time Token Mechanic, or when defending you may discard Disruptor Banks to force your opponent to roll -2 attack dice.    
The Romulans are masters of stealth and evasion, and this ship is the perfect example of that. The I.R.W. Jazkal Expansion Pack gives you all the tools you need to build or expand a powerful Romulan fleet. You can also reenact the Federation's first encounter with the Romulans by playing the “Escape the Minefield” special scenario included in this pack. Set a course for Romulan space with this new expansion and watch out for those cloaked mines.

Visit WizKids/NECA at WizKids.com/AttackWing for additional information about Star Trek: Attack Wing, and keep an eye on StarTrek.com for more First Looks and previews coming soon.

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