This October, NECA/WizKids will release Star Trek : Attack Wing Wave 19 -- and has an exclusive First Look at the ships in the upcoming expansion packs, continuing with the I.K.S. Rotarran.

During the Dominion War, the I.K.S. Rotarran had unfairly earned the reputation of being a “cursed” ship, bringing dishonor to its crew. All of this changed, however, when General Martok was assigned command of the Rotarran by the Klingon High Council.

At first the Rotarran sought to “avoid conflict” with the Jem’Hadar. This is reflected in the Rotarran’s special ability that, as an action, allows the ship to perform a second maneuver on the maneuver dial with a speed of 1 or 2. After taking that action, the Rotarran gets an Auxiliary Token and cannot attack this turn. When finally forced into battle, Martok and crew rose to the occasion earning another glorious victory for the Klingon Empire.

Martok, himself, is a level 7 Captain who reduces the cost of all other Klingon upgrades. Additionally, when attacking, Martok allows the player to take an action to roll 2 less attack dice to add 1 hit result to his roll. In true Klingon spirit, if all upgrades on this ship are Klingon, you roll only one less attack die to gain 1 hit result instead. First Officer Worf provides a +1 bonus to your captain skill, which increases to +3 if you have a Klingon Captain. Simulating the near mutiny on Rotarran if your captain is ever disabled or discarded, Worf becomes the new captain with a skill level of 5. Worf cannot benefit from his special ability that increases the captain’s skill value if he himself becomes the new captain. Serving as Science Officer aboard the Rotarran, Jadzia Dax helped to restore Klingon pride and spirit to the crew. Jadzia Dax allows you to spend a scan token to convert 1 battle stations result on your die into a hit or evade result. Talk about turning the tide of battle. Considered to be one of their own, Jadzia Dax does not pay a faction penalty when assigned to a Klingon ship.

Helmsman Leskit allows you to convert a red maneuver into a green maneuver. If your ship is cloaked when you do this, you can perform a sensor echo as a free action. Engineering Officer Tavana diverts power from the ships weapons to repair 1 shield token. If your ship is cloaked you may also repair one damage to your hull. You roll -2 attack dice on all attacks this round. Kornan the Weapons Officer of the Rotarran allows the player to take an action to place a target lock on an enemy ship within range 1-3 and then perform another action on the ships action bar as a free action.

The Rotarran packs a punch with a new Photon Torpedoes Weapon Upgrade that utilizes the new Time Token mechanic. Instead of disabling the weapon when it fires the players places 3 time tokens on the card. During the end phase one time token is removed. When no time tokens remain on the card the weapon is ready to fire again.

The Rotarran also adds three new Klingon Elite Talents to the table, each of which shows the unity of the crew helping to assure victory in battle. The Day is Ours! allows a player to discard this upgrade to add one critical hit result to the roll during the Roll Attack Dice Step. Alert Status One is an action where you discard this card in order to place a battle stations token next to your ship. Finally, Supreme Commander allows the player to take an action to give another friendly ship within range 1-3 a free action from its action bar. If the targeted ship was a Klingon ship you may also perform a free action from your action bar.

The Rotarran and its crew returned honor to a ship that had once been disgraced through teamwork and unity. With this latest expansion pack you too can bring victory to the battlefield using these new game elements, restoring honor to the Klingon Empire.

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