Hallmark took advantage today of the annual preview night at Comic-Con to showcase a trio of its Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments due to hit shelves in 2014. And now StarTrek.com can lift the veil for our readers. The previewed Ornaments include:

Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu – Mr. Sulu is set to be the fifth ornament in the Star Trek Legends series and will be depicted in his Star Trek: The Original Series era gold uniform.

Devil in the Dark – Capturing a memorable moment from one of Star Trek’s finest hours, this ornament will feature Spock attempting to communicate with a newly discovered life form. The ornament will also play sounds from the scene.

U.S.S. Vengeance – Star Trek Into Darkness will beam into Keepsake Ornaments’ ships of the line series with this ornament, which will feature battery-powered light.

If you’re at Comic-Con and haven’t seen the upcoming Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments, be sure to visit the Hallmark booth (#2913-H) in the Lucasfilm Pavilion within the convention’s Exhibit Hall. And keep an eye on StarTrek.com for additional news about Hallmark’s upcoming Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments.



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