Star Trek: Alien Domain is on the way, and now that the first closed beta test is complete, GameSamba is revealing details about the main characters and setting of the upcoming free-to-play Star Trek game. Here’s the synopsis, straight from the publisher/developer, GameSamba:

“It has been many years since the U.S.S. Voyager returned and the galaxy was first introduced to the realm of fluidic space and its violent, xenophobic resident, Species 8472. After reaching an uneasy truce with Starfleet, Species 8472 returned to fluidic space. However, not convinced the truce would last, the Federation and Klingon Empire began researching and evaluating the potential threat posed by 8472, including investigating new anomalies that could open doorways back to the dark dimension.

“During one of these investigations, Federation and Klingon forces were pulled into an unexplored area of fluidic space, which contained far more physical matter than Voyager’s crew had reported. It didn’t take long for the stranded crews to learn that this was no accident: Species 8472 had broken the truce and had, in fact, been trapping species in fluidic space for quite some time. With their ships heavily damaged and unable to recreate the rifts that brought them through, the explorers slowly realized that this mission was no longer one of discovery…  but survival.”

Federation and Klingon players are guided through their Star Trek: Alien Domain journey by a unique cast of characters, including Admiral Elton Smith and Commander Jenny Snow. Admiral Smith commands the Federation forces stranded in fluidic space. Among the first trapped there, he has instilled a sense of order in the new domain, and is responsible for organizing attempts to recreate the rift that will allow them all to escape. Meanwhile, Commander Snow is one of the leaders in Admiral Smith’s group of survivors, and she primarily helps locate and protect new arrivals, and then brings them up to speed on surviving in fluidic space.

Klingon players will encounter General Talmok and Commander Dukoth. General Talmok leades the Klingon forces marooned in fluidic space. A veteran of numerous battles, he’s less interested in a peaceful means of escape than in proving the Klingon Empire’s might, regardless of the dimension. Commander Dukoth is young, with a great mind for tactics, and despite his inexperience, Talmok has installed Dukoth as one of the key people in charge of the Klingon forces in fluidic space.

More information about Star Trek: Alien Domain will be revealed soon. Keep an eye on for details, and also visit the official Alien Domain Facebook page and site for news regarding the next phase of Beta testing and future content updates.
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