Bif Bang Pow! has just unveiled its next Comic-Con exclusive, and it’s a Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who Monitor Mates Bobble Head set that comes in a tin tote. The limited-edition tote features artwork from the Assimilation2 crossover comic books, while the set boasts a Star Trek: The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Monitor Mate mini bobble and a Doctor Who TARDIS Monitor Mate mini bobble. Each Monitor Mate comes with a clear base, with the bases exclusive to this set. Also, the mini bobbles may be mounted separately or together on a fold-out comic book replica diorama that will come included with the set.



The Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who Monitor Mate bobble heads in tin set will cost $50. It will be available initially at Comic-Con, though pre-order is available now via, with the product to ship after Comic-Con. Those purchasing the product at Comic-Con will receive the TARDIS and tote at the time, as well as a certificate detailing how to receive the Enterprise by mail.

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