Refined snackers can voyage to the final frontier with Montgomery Scott's Beam Me Up Biscotti. Available later this spring from Sir Pallay Food, the biscotti is the real deal, a world-class double-baked biscuit that disappears right off your plate after you give the command "Beam me up, Biscotti." Like any good biscotti, the new Sir Pallay Food product is made from flour, sugar, eggs and pine nuts, as well as almonds that are neither skinned nor roasted.

"Our tagline is 'So good, you'll be beaming,' and that's truth in advertising,'" Sir Pallay Food CEO Korey Couguts said in a statement. "We can't wait for Star Trek fans to lock their tractor beams on these and bring them home. We're already at work coming up with other special Star Trek products for next year, including Scottish Shortbread and Red Shirt Red Velvet Cupcakes."

Montgomery Scott's Beam Me Up Biscotti will cost $41.15 per package, with each package containing approximately 24 pieces. Keep an eye on for additional details.

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