Last week, gave fans exclusive First Looks at the Nistrim Raider and Species 8472 Bioship Alpha, ships soon to become available as part of expansion packs for the NECA/WizKids Games miniatures game, Star Trek: Attack Wing. Now, is pleased to offer First Looks at the Borg Sphere and U.S.S. Voyager expansion packs.

Star Trek: Attack Wing is a tactical space combat HeroClix miniatures game that features collectible pre-painted ships from the Star Trek Universe. It utilizes the FlightPath maneuver system, allowing players to command their fleet in space combat and to customize their ship with a captain, crew, weapons and tech upgrades.

Visit for additional details and keep an eye on for special guest blogs about the Borg Sphere and U.S.S. Voyager expansion packs for Star Trek: Attack Wing.


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