Iron Gut Publishing hit it out of the park with “McCoy’s Bones,” the most recent entry in their collection of official Star Trek fine art. That piece capped a trilogy of pieces by British artist Dave Merrell that also includes “Spock’s Brain” and “Kirk’s Heart.” Each of the thematically similar pieces depicts the legendary TOS characters and features words, dates, phrases and images in the background that Merrell feels define the true nature of the individual characters. For example, “Kirk’s Heart” has “Riverside” and “Boldly Go!” on it, while “Spock’s Brain” offers up “Fascinating” and “Mind Meld.” Now, all three pieces are available together as a trio, with each piece hand numbered (as part of a matching set) and limited to only 195 worldwide.

Each fine art piece is produced on 300-gsm, textured fine-art paper and measures 16.5”x11.7.” The trio is available for $40 as an exclusive to readers, and Iron Gut is offering free shipping worldwide. Click HERE to purchase.

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