The latest model in the Eaglemoss’s Star Trek Starships Collection hits stores in the United States this week: the Federation Fighter. These small fighters were designed for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, where they were used by the Maquis. Later on, we learned that they were originally Federation ships, as they became a significant part of the fleets that took on the Dominion.

The fighter, which was designed by Jim Martin, was, at the time, built as a physical model. It became one of the first ships that the DS9 VFX team rebuilt in CG, and that occurred when it became clear that they were going to take the show to war. The Eaglemoss model is based on the CG version, which was in turn based on careful study of the studio model.

The magazine contains the usual profile of the ship, and also reveals the story of how DS9 finally embraced CG when they were faced with creating some of the biggest space battle sequences ever seen on TV.

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