It's time to look in the Mirror, or the Mirror Mirror, as has an exclusive First Look at the next wave of Star Trek: The Next Generation pins from FanSets. There are a total of 16 pins on the way next month, and here's an exclusive First Look at 10 of them:

FanSets MicroCrew Mirror Picard, Mirror Troi and Mirror Riker

Mirror Picard, Mirror Troi and Mirror Riker

Mirror Universe Insignias

FanSets MicroFleet Mirror Universe Ships

Pricing on the MicroCrew characters and the original art characters will be $5.95. Mirror universe insignias will be $7.95 and ships will cost $9.95. Keep an eye on for details about availabity.

As previously reported, FanSets offers limited-edition Star Trek pins and pin sets, with unique art and technology, designed to appeal to casual and serious Trek collectors alike. The pins feature Star Trek characters, ships, actor autographs, sound effects and music, as well as cutting-edge, patent-pending Augmented Reality (AR) technology. FanSets will produce pins inspired by The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, The Animated Series and feature films 1-10.

One of the partners of FanSets is Dan Madsen. A longtime guest blogger, Madsen is the former founder, president and publisher of both the Official Star Trek Fan Club and Official Star Trek Communicator magazine.

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