, for our latest weekly poll, asked, “What is your favorite one-liner from The Original Series?” The options were To boldly go…, He’s dead, Jim!, Live long and prosper, I’m a doctor, not a…, Beam me up!, and Illogical. The winner, by a galaxy-wide margin, was I’m a doctor, not a…, which grabbed a whopping 47 percent of the vote. Second place was a statistical tie, with Live long and prosper and He’s dead, Jim! each tallying 16 percent, though Live long and prosper enjoyed a 14 vote advantage as we went to print. To boldly go scored 8 percent, followed by Illogical with 7 percent and Beam me up! with 5 percent.

So, how did YOUR choice do in the voting? As you contemplate that, here are some sample comments from your fellow fans:

“It is hard to top "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer" – Crystal McMillan

“I opted for the 'To Boldly go...' opening voiceover by Capt. James T. Kirk because for me it epitomizes Star Trek's optimism and confidence that Man will someday really explore outer space. I wish Deep Space Nine and Enterprise had similar opening monologues.” – Dino Monzon

"I'm a doctor not a..." – Linda Harding

“Illogical.” – Guido Cataldi

“He's dead Jim.” – David Sedberry

“I’m a doctor, not a... is the one I think is the best. Youtube has some of the lines in a montage.” – Geri L. Braun

“"I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer!" – Lizanne Connelly

“He's dead, Jim !!” – Elizabeth Ryan

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