We're kicking off a new feature here at StarTrek.com and we're calling it Fan Sourced. Every once in a while we'll ask a question on our Facebook page and then share the feedback with StarTrek.com readers. A couple of weeks ago we asked What's the best lesson that Star Trek has taught you? Lots of fans replied, and many of them shared the link with friends, prompting even more replies. Here are some of the comments...

Don't wear a red shirt and go on a mission. — Bill Huber

Resistance is futile.— Lucy Angel Eames

That resistance is not really futile after all. —John Talbott
Logic may not be the answer for everythiFng, but I know of no better place to start. — Richard Tillman

Lt. Data is fully functional. — Lou Giacobbi

English. Star Trek taught me to be fluent in english. — Nancy Lin

Never give up! Never surrender! Uh, well, not exactly ST, but still related. — Thomas Knip
The technology we see on TV is possible. I watched Captain Kirk walk to a door and it opened for him... The same happens to me now when I go to the grocery store. — Valerie Bennett

The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few (RIP Mr. Spock) — Matthias Schorer
Too complex a question for a simple answer. Star Trek's ideals are a blueprint for everything humanity should strive to be. Unfortunately, we seem to be focused on one-upping the gadgets every year and failing to learn its most vital lessons, such as cultural acceptance, a thirst for knowledge, selflessness, etc. Star Trek made me a better human being. — Dez Hobin

That you should always overestimate the time to make repairs. — Christian Alexander Mard

Green chicks are pretty hot. — Jimmy Jones
Be yourself. Somewhere, someplace is an entire ship of people just waiting to need you and value you for the contributions you bring to the universe. — Stephanie Almeida

That a positive future for humanity is possible, but only if we abandon xenophobia and hate. — Nick Previsich

Some friendships, however strange and imperfect, can last lifetime. — Abi Edwards

Never judge a television show based on its reception by the original viewing public. — Kevin Benham

What would Picard do? Helps me all the time. — Simon Duffy
That's easy... the main lesson of all Treks since the beginning: to always seek out the larger truths and continue to explore. To further our understanding of the universe and our place in it. To coexist with all people from all walks of life without prejudice or racism. Star Trek has been a big part of my "televised upbringing" and single-handedly taught me more morals than any other show ever. — Ian Caywood

Taught me how to be a better person and to respect different cultures and races. I could go on but no one wants to read an essay today! — Nick Smith

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