Celeste Yarnall’s resume is, to quote an old Vulcan friend, fascinating. As an actress, she counts among her credits such television shows as The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, Land of the Giants, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Columbo, Melrose Place and on and on, and such films as The Nutty Professor, Live a Little, Love a Little (in which Elvis Presley crooned “A Little Less Conversation” to her), The Velvet Vampire (a cult fave from Roger Corman that, along with Eve and Beast of Blood, established her scream queen cred), Scorpio, Bob and Ted and Carol and Alice, The Mechanic and Funny About Love (directed by Leonard Nimoy). An utterly stunning beauty in her youth (and still lovely today), Yarnall was the last Rheingold Girl, earning the honor in 1964.

More recently, she’s been a regular on the sci-fi convention/autograph show circuit and authored several books about holistic health care for both humans and pets. She’s also an entrepreneur, appeared in recent documentaries about Elvis Presley and Star Trek (including William Shatner’s Get a Life!), and, at the moment, is co-producing a film. Of course, for those of you reading this right now, Yarnall is perhaps most famous for her memorable guest spot as Martha Landon, Chekov’s love interest in The Original Series episode “The Apple.” StarTrek.com recently caught up with the irrepressible and energetic Yarnall for an extensive interview that we’ve run in two parts. Below is part two.

When was the last time you sat and watched “The Apple”?

YARNALL: Not too long ago. My husband made me sit and watch every one of the classic episodes and now he’s taking me through The Next Generation. So, I know “The Apple” very well, and if you say, “Shore Leave” or “Amok Time” or “Who Mourns for Adonais,” I know them very well, too. I’m getting really good at this.



You worked with Leonard Nimoy on his film Funny About Love. Did you land your role in that because he remembered you from “The Apple”? If not, once you were on set, did you mention it to him?

YARNALL: That was incredibly fun, going on the audition and reminding him who I was. I don’t think it helped or hindered me. It just turned out to be a fun coincidence. He cast me for a nice role in Funny About Love. His wife, Susan Bay, was on location with him. They were just lovely people. Unfortunately, my part got just about completely cut out because my scenes were with another famous and beautiful actress named Farrah Fawcett, who is no longer with us, of course. She was the other lead in the movie, but apparently when they started cutting everything together, having that many protagonists and subplots to tie up wasn’t working. So they cut that whole thread out and I ended up on the cutting room floor along with her. But it was a great pleasure working with Leonard. He’s just a brilliant man and a charming, charming gentleman.

Catch us up on your life today.

YARNALL: My husband, who uses the name Nazim Artist, and I are involved with two products, Moxxor and Bemer, which are our flagship products (for their Art of Wellness Collection). Moxxor is a supplement. It’s the most potent and pure Omega-3 anti-inflammatory supplement on the planet. It’s one of my anti-aging secrets, along with a device called Bemer. We use them together. We take the supplement before we do our sessions on the Bemer. Bemer delivers your own nutrition and oxygen to yourself more efficiently. It improves micro-circulation by up to 30 percent in under eight minutes. We perceive Bemer and Moxxor like good hygiene. You need to shower every day. You need to brush your teeth twice a day. You need to take your Moxxor and do your Bemer twice a day. When it comes to Moxxor, I say “Live long and prosper with Moxxor’ and then with Bemer I say, “Bemer me up, Scotty.”



You’re also producing a film, right?

YARNALL: Yes. Nazim and I are producing, with a whole group of people, a feature film called Unbelievable!!!!! It’s Unbelievable with five exclamation points. The fun thing about Unbelievable!!!!! is that it’s being cast with, I would say, over 90 percent Star Trek actors. We have amazing actors from the various Star Trek shows, all of them, and we’ve started to do some filming. At Comic-Con, which opens on July 19th, we’re going to have a beautiful, very big space, four or five booths, I believe. Nazim has done the artwork. He’s done all the storyboards and he’s just done a beautiful, big painting that will be the poster for Unbelievable!!!!! A group of us will be there to sign the poster and to sign photographs, and there will be a demo reel of what we’ve shot so far for the movie. Bob Picardo has been filmed so far, and so have I and BarBara Luna, Beverly Washburn, Gary Lockwood, Sean Kenney, Michael Forest and Michael Dante. The classic Star Trek actors, we bookend the film. We play the roles of producers who are producing the movie that we’re making right now. And the movie is a sci-fi spoof along the lines of Airplane! and Galaxy Quest. I’m playing myself. That was fun, being in front of a camera again, acting. So I’ll now have been in shows or movies in the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 2000’s and 2010’s. We’re still in full funding mode for Unbelievable!!!!!, and what we’ve done so far has been great, great fun.

Anything else done or in the works?

YARNALL: Yes, I’m writing a new holistic lifestyle book for dogs. My last book was about holistic cat care, so this one is for dogs. And I’ll be speaking at a conference in August, August 9-11, that is called Contact in the Desert. This is a huge UFO conference. A lot of the crew from Ancient Aliens will be joining me there. It’s hosted by George Noory. It’s just wonderful people who are really on top of what’s going on in ufology. I will be disclosing my own personal incident that I’ve kept a secret all these years, that was a life-changing event. I decided, “Well, what the heck, let people think I’m crazy.” So I’m going to talk about what happened to me. I’m looking forward to that. So I will be there instead of my usual gig at the Creation convention in Vegas. It just happens to be the same weekend.



Last question. You just mentioned Creation. You usually attend several conventions a year. How do you enjoy meeting and greeting Trek fans, signing autographs, etc.?

YARNALL: I love it. I don’t call the folks the meet fans anymore. I call them friends now. I did my first convention in 1999 and so I’ve seen some of the same people many, many times over the years that they’re friends. They’re family. I really love doing the conventions.

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