Today is the big day.  CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution will release both Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Fourth Season and Star Trek: The Next Generation – Redemption in extras-laden Blu-ray editions. And to celebrate their imminent release, caught up with Michael Dorn for extensive conversation. Dorn spoke at length about the Blu-rays, playing Worf, and also about the 20th anniversary of Deep Space Nine, and he updated us on his current projects. Check out part two of our conversation below, and, in case you missed it, click HERE to read part one.

STARTREK.COM: If you never play Worf again, will you be disappointed? Or is it best to leave well enough alone?

DORN: I don’t judge or try to guess the future when it comes to that kind of thing. I love the character. If somebody asked, I would be tickled pink. If it doesn’t happen, that’s OK, too, because you can’t really beat 11 years and six movies. You really can’t beat that. That’s a career, you know.

STARTREK.COM: You’ve been on this extended world tour of sorts, celebrating the 25th anniversary of TNG. That’s included several full-cast reunions. How have you enjoyed that experience, and how hard is it to believe it’s 25 years-plus since you started work on the show?

DORN: The reunion events, whether it’s everybody or just some of us, that’s been the best part. That’s absolutely the best part. Going to see the fans and hanging out and signing autographs, all of that is great and it’s really unexpected. I don’t think anybody thought this would all be as big as it’s been, the 25th anniversary. That’s why they extended it. It’s kind of like the Rolling Stones. They played and they were so good that they added some extra shows. That’s kind of how it’s been for us. But I get the most fun out of hanging out with my friends because, literally, we’re in tears we’re laughing so hard. Nothing has changed.

STARTREK.COM: Creation’s annual Star Trek convention in Las Vegas is coming up next month and there they’ll be celebrating Deep Space Nine’s 20 anniversary. You, of course, didn’t join the DS9 party until a few seasons in, but still, is it equally hard to believe that DS9 is now so far in the rearview mirror?

DORN: Man, anything after 20 years is frightening. The really frightening thing for me is that all the kids who were born during Next Generation or Deep Space are in college or even out of college or are starting families. That, to me, is just ridiculous.


STARTREK.COM: Here’s the silliest Star Trek question we could ever think to ask you: If the TNG and DS9 casts got into a rumble in Vegas next month, which cast would win?

DORN: The Next Generation.


DORN: Well, they’ve got me, first of all.

STARTREK.COM: So would the DS9 cast, actually…

DORN: God, that’s a tough one. I’d be fighting myself. OK, so if I cancel myself out, maybe the Deep Space cast would win because there are more of them.

You've got a few convention appearances lined up. What else are you up to work-wise? Will you be back on Castle?

DORN: I don't think I'll be doing another Castle. I think my character did too good a job. She's healed. So she doesn't need me anymore. I did a voice for the game Saints Row IV (due out next month). That was a good thing. I just finished it maybe three or four months ago. I never know how I feel about something until I've seen it, and I haven't seen that one yet.


Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Fourth Season will run nearly 20 hours over six discs and will cost $130 in the U.S. and $150 in Canada. Star Trek: The Next Generation – Redemption will cost $28.28 in the U.S. and $32.00 in Canada. Click HERE to order The Fourth Season and HERE to order Redemption.

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