Have you been shopping the Star Trek Starfleet and Klingon collections on Meez? If so, Meez has just announced some exciting news for anyone who wants to win Star Trek prizes. They've launched two exciting contests: the Starfleet Academy Contest and the Klingon Contest, which fans can enter today at Meez.com.

Star Trek fans know how important the three primary colors are -- red (command), blue (science/medical) and gold (engineering, operations, security) -- are for the organization and structure of life aboar the Enterprise. The Starfleet Academy Contest challenges participants to dress their avatars with the colors of the Star Trek group with which they'd like to join forces. Among the prizes:  a $100 AMEX gift card, one-month VIP and $20 in Meez Cash. Entrants must post screenshots with their avatar wearing at least two (2) clothing items and one (1) background from the Star Trek Collections.

The Klingon Contest involves styling your avatar with two (2) Klingon items from the Shop, adding a Klingon Background and submitting your name in Klingon. Fans will be competing for a very cool Klingon t-shirt, The Official Klingon Dictionary, small Star Trek Tribbles, a One-Month VIP and $20 in Meez Cash.


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