DS9 Guest Star Tracy Scoggins Interview

DS9 Guest Star Tracy Scoggins Interview

Tracy Scoggins will be among the 100 celebrities transporting out to Las Vegas next month for Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention. Wait a second, you may be thinking, “Isn’t Scoggins best known for her long stint as Elizabeth Lochley on Babylon 5 and Crusade?” Well, yes, she is, but she earned her Trek stripes playing Gilora Rejal in the Deep Space Nine episode “Destiny.” Gilora was the tough Cardassian subspace researcher who clashed with O’Brien, but then came to respect him. StarTrek.com recently chatted with Scoggins – whose many other credits span from Dynasty, The Colbys and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman to Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years, Demonic Toys and Castle -- about her DS9 experience, a hysterical William Shatner anecdote and more. Here’s what she had to say:

How did you wind up on DS9?

SCOGGINS: It was an audition. I’d been asked to play a Klingon and, unfortunately, I’d just severed my Achilles doing sports. And, apparently, Klingons are fragile, so I didn’t get to do that part. But I did get Gilora Rejal.

Great part…

SCOGGINS: I loved everything about it. I loved playing an alien. First of all, she was an intelligent alien, a science officer. I like playing aliens because every day is like Halloween when you’re doing it. You’re free to misbehave. You’re free to take license. You might do things that you wouldn’t do playing, say, the daughter of a dean. When I did DS9, most of my scenes were with Colm Meaney, and I’m a huge fan of his. And I liked that she had an edge to her. She was smart and had this edge, and yet I also got to be sexy. Nobody cared that she was sexy, but she got to be sexy.

That had to be the most makeup-intensive job you ever had. What do you remember of your transformation into a Cardassian?


To scare kids on the lot? So that story is true?

Let’s bring people up to date. What are you working on at the moment?


You will be at Creation’s big event in August. You’ve done conventions before. How do you enjoy meeting the fans, answering questions from the stage, signing autographs, etc.?


You’re far better known for Babylon 5 than Star Trek. Do you ever feel like a Yankees fan at Fenway Park when you do a Trek convention?

SCOGGINS: Star TrekStar Trek
Let’s end this conversation by asking about Battle of the Network Stars. You’ve always been very physically fit and into exercise, and your worlds – fitness, celebrity, Dynasty/The Colbys and Star Trek – collided when William Shatner captained your team during Battle of the Network Stars. Give us the scoop on that…

SCOGGINS:T.J. HookerBattle of the Network Stars

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