What might towels have looked like aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701? Well, the folks at ThinkGeek.com have given that a lot of thought and come up a fun new product in the process. Fans who've taken the bath of Khan can dry off with a 3-piece set of Star Trek towels. The bath-size towel features a view of the Enterprise and the words "To Boldly Go" on one end and a diagonal, smaller Enterprise with "NCC-1701" on the other end. The hand-size towel includes the UFP banner (circa 224) on one end and the same diagonal Enterprise as the bath-size with "NCC-1701" on the other end. And the face-size towel, or washcloth, has the same diagonal Enterprise as the other two and says "Property of the NCC-1701," with decoration on one end only.

The towels are made of 100 percent cotton (decoration excluded) and they measure as follows: Bath 50" x 27", hand 16" x 27", face 12" x 12." The set sells for $49.99 and is in stock now. Visit www.thinkgeek to purchase.

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