Spurred by the threat of war against the Iconians, new recruits are flooding recruitment stations across the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic. Recruitment officers are overwhelmed with applications from prospective officers, and additional resources are being tasked with helping these new recruits get into the academies as soon as possible.

An accelerated training process will get these Delta Recruits onto ships and helping the war effort. Additional training will be done in the field, where these recruits will learn all they need to know to defend the galaxy against the Iconians and their Herald servants. And these new officers may be needed sooner than ever, so everyone should do their part in the effort and help a Delta Recruit today.

One thing of interest: Temporal agents have been spotted on Earth Spacedock, Qo'noS and Mol'Rihan. Starfleet News Service has requested an update as to why Temporal Investigations is stepping up its activities in an area flooded with new Delta Recruits, but as of yet there has been no response from Admiral Quinn or his staff.

It is our responsibility as Starfleet officers to help these new recruits. When one is assigned to your ship or you encounter one at a starbase, offer to show them the ropes. An encouraging word from a more experience officer could make the difference between a future captain and a washout.

It is the responsibility of everyone in Starfleet to prepare for the Iconian advance. Do your bit – help a Delta Recruit today.

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