Dad Shares His Love of Trek with Son

Dad Shares His Love of Trek with Son

“Mommy, the big ice cream cone with the volcano was chasing the Enterprise and the ‘Other Enterprise!’ Then the ‘Other Enterprise’ went into the ice cream cone and it went BOOM!”

This is how my two year old son, Julian, summarized his latest Star Trek episode one night at bedtime. My wife could not figure out what he was talking about, but what I heard over the baby monitor made me laugh, and very proud, both as a father and a die-hard Star Trek fan.

You have probably seen “The Doomsday Machine” a hundred times, but there is something very special about reliving Star Trek through your child’s eyes. On this Father’s Day I reflect on what a pleasure it is to share Star Trek with my son, pass along to him what I feel makes it special, and how it has impacted my own life. 

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Russell Meyers is an IT professional and former motion picture booker for Paramount Pictures. He is an avid Star Trek fan and collector, currently residing in New York City with his wife and son.


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