IDW Publishing will unleash two Star Trek comic book adventures on Wednesday, namely Star Trek: New Visions: Resistance and Star Trek #45 -- Five-Year Mission: "Eurydice, Part 3 of 3." Resistance is the latest work from writer, artist and photo-manipulator John Byrne. You can probably guess what the story involves: the Borg. It runs 48 pages and costs $7.99.

Star Trek #45 -- Five-Year Mission: "Eurydice #3 of 3" is written by Mike Johnson, with art by Tony Shasteen and a cover by Joe Corroney. The story follows Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew, who find themselves trapped deep in the Delta Quadrant and fighting for their lives in an effort to escape the clutches of the Dark Market syndicate. Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness co-writer/co-producer Roberto Orci oversaw the storyline. "Eurydice #3 of 3" runs 32 pages and costs $3.99. A subscription variant features a photo cover.
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