Star Trek was out in full force on Wednesday, during preview night at Comic-Con. And, of course, was there checking out booths and products of interest, and catching up with a few Star Trek favorites. Here’s a little of what we saw and heard:
Star Trek: The Next Generation stars Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis and Michael Dorn were together again, signing autographs at the Lightspeed Fine Arts booth (#3745). Spiner offered a few words of wisdom to Star Trek fans: “Seek simplicity, but distrust it.” Meanwhile, Marina recalled the most intriguing question she’d ever been asked at a convention. “(Someone once asked), ‘Why is it that all of the guest stars are humanoid in shape even when they’re playing aliens?’” she said. “To which I responded, ‘When we start auditioning actors that are not humanoids in shape, that of course will change.’” Finally, Dorn let it be known that most fans still ask to hear one of Worf’s most famous lines: “I am not a merry man!”
Over at the Genki Wear booth (#3744), fans lined up to get their hands on the brand-new SULU Pour Homme cologne. G4 TV was there, too, sampling many of Genki Wear’s fragrances. Their favorite? Shirtless Kirk!
eFX, which is making its home at Booth #2913, had a number of their replica tricorders on display, eliciting positive reactions from visitors. But the product that may very well emerge as eFX’s best of show is none other than the medical tricorder from Star Trek: First Contact. 
Finally, Propworx got a head start on the upcoming, much-anticipated Star Trek auction set to be held on August 8 during the Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. Propworx was represented at their Comic-Con booth (#3744) by many of the props and costumes that will go under the gavel next month. Most popular – at least judging by the number of people excitedly snapping photographs – were the captains’ costumes on display.
And what’s on tap for today, Thursday, July 22?
Fans in attendance can grab the next color available in’s very limited edition of Star Trek watches. So be sure to visit the CBS booth (#4129).
LeVar Burton of Star Trek: The Next Generation will be at the Lightspeed Fine Arts booth (#3745). And rumor is that he’s bringing along a very special guest.
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