Steve Doman is a man with a mission. It was his dream to transform his house in Colorado's Rocky Mountains into Star Trek-themed home, and he's made that dream a reality. According to a story in the Colorado Caters News Agency, there are six Trek-themed rooms throughout the place; he sleeps in the Klingon Ambassador quarters. It's taken him 14 years and $30,000 to make it so, and he's not done yet.

"I still have a couple more rooms to finish off when everything downstairs is to my liking, so I figure I have enough work to last me until I’m 73 years old – if I ever get that far!" the 69-year-old told the outlet. "This is my version of playing in the future, so my house and everything I have created is used daily just like a normal house."
Doman has owned the house for 29 years and had previously redecorated it with a South Western theme and an antique homestead theme.
Not surprisingly, he is a member of Denver’s Klingon Club as well as an honorary member of the International Federation of Trekkers. Doman said he was good at sports in his youth, but struggled socially as a result of a learning disability.
“Since then I’ve been fighting to be someone, to show people I’m a normal human being,” he said. “My Star Trek hobby is the first time I’ve done something just for myself, the first time I’ve put myself first. I feel like I'm a survivor, and I've proved anyone with mental disabilities can become anything they want in life. Some people think I’m crazy for destroying my house like this, but generally people are just darn surprised. But I won't stop - otherwise life gets boring. Doing this makes me happy. Being a fan of Star Trek has given me a life."


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