Not one, not two, but three Star Trek actors co-star in the upcoming DVD release of the family television movie The Ultimate Legacy. And the three actors are Lee Meriwether, Bill Cobbs and Doug Jones. Meriwether guest starred as Losira in the third-season TOS episode “That Which Survives,” while Cobbs played Emory Erickson, inventor of the transporter, in the Enterprise installment "Daedalus." And, Jones was just cast as the alien Lt. Saru in Discovery.

The Ultimate Legacy, which Cinedigm will release January 3 on DVD and Digital HD, is a follow-up to the telemovies The Ultimate Gift and The Ultimate Life. In follows the journey of Jason Stevens (Logan Bartholomew), as he learns firsthand the value of teaching. Jason must provide guidance to a self-absorbed young man, Joey Anderson (Myko Olivier), who is forced to run his family’s bed-and-breakfast for a year before earning his inheritance in his late grandmother’s will. As part of Joey’s journey to purpose, he is challenged to grow a conscience and learn to appreciate hard work, forgiveness, generosity and the enduring value of family and friends. In addition to Meriwether, Cobbs, Jones, Bartholomew and Olivier, the film co-stars Brian Dennehy and Raquel Welch.

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